Oh my!

20140120-113726 a.m..jpg
This is the baby bump! Sept 25th 2013

So… OMG… Since the day we got the news about the baby, we were thinking about the wedding… Gee, I’ve never imagine what a pain in the butt it could be!!!

Don’t get me wrong, is amazing y’a know… I mean we wanted to get married before the baby arrived… Otherwise with the baby taking up all of our attention and energy… We wouldn’t do it… So we wanted to do it before the baby is born… And not wanting to be a “chubby” bride in mind (you know baby bump haha) we had to do it fast!… I didn’t want to have the baby bump because I always dreamed of having the perfect dress, being beautiful for that amazing day with my soon-to-be groom… I don’t know, it’s every girl dream doesn’t it?
And besides later on in life I don’t want my baby to think we got married because of we got pregnant… ‘Cause that’s not what happened!; we were going to marry… A year later xD haha! But the baby got earlier than what we planned it to be… So… Yeah…
Anyways… During September… My in-laws throw me a bridal shower!!!

20140121-040724 p.m..jpg
The belly! September 28th before the bridal shower!

20140121-025628 p.m..jpg
My mother-in-law, me and my Mom in my bridal shower

So yeah… Haha it was pretty cool! I had a lot of fun, plus I got to meet all my hubby’s aunts and cousins… They’re a LOT! And played games and all… Plus they each gave me they’re favorite recipe so, I ended up having a mini cooking book!

I’ll post the photos later since I’m posting this from my phone… And I don’t have all the photos here…

– – – – – UPDATE – – – – –

NOW I’m on my laptop so I can finally upload some photos!!! yaaaai!!!  so here you have some photos taken during the bridal shower…

the center pieces:

Center pieces

some bridal shower favors:

bridal shower favors

bridal shower chocolate cupcakes!!!_

bridal shower cupcakes

My mother in law giving me my bridal shower corsage and the corsage itself:

My Mother-in-law my bridal shower corsage

sisters-in-law!  and the guest playing during the bridal shower!!!:

sisters-in-law bridal shower

So yeah, as a start… my sisters-in-law and my mother -in-law, read a few words they wrote for me… they almost made me cry!!!, but… they were so thoughtful of everything that I felt so overwhelmed the whole time!!! extremely excited to be welcomed to the family like this… they are all so wonderful I cannot stress it enough!!!

Anyways… it was wonderful!

How was your bridal shower?…


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