What happened in October!?

So, October… Lots and lots of things happened!!
As the wedding day was getting around the corner, and the baby bump was getting a bit bigger.. We had to work on the finishing touches of our wedding… Like delivering invitations… Buying stuff and more…

20140122-123925 p.m..jpg

So, we went to Matamoros, to visit my hubby’s aunt and uncle… OMG I felt so sick on the way… The morning sickness was kicking me so hard!! ( stupid the one that called them “morning” sickness… As it can give you a pain in the arse all day!!! At anytime!!! :-/ )

I got to know them, and some of my hubby’s cousins, they’re so warming and welcoming!!!, it was like we know each other for some time!
Some time after that, with almost everything set up already for the wedding… The Religious wedding… ( we are Catholics); we went to get our marriage license at the civil registry…

20140122-043811 p.m..jpg
officially a married couple by law!!!

It was really weird, if I may say… Haha one without even thinking it, expects the typical ambient like in the movies… But in reality is less than romantic… Among documents, witnesses, parents and a hundred other people and babies crying while they were trying to get birth/death certificates and so on and so forth… We were trying to get married xD

Well, in life we imagine and plan a lot of things, but at the end everything gets messed up… Although if you’re lucky and blessed enough… You might just get what you dreamed for… Maybe not the way you dreamed for but still… What your heart deserves 😊


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