Long time no post…


Yeah, it’s been a little while but things were crazy lately, between the baby shower (which I’ll post photos later on), weather, my daddy getting sick and also having to take him to the hospital… This weeks have been upside-down…

The good thing is that my dad is actually getting better!! Thank God!, we had to take him to the hospital last Friday, and it looks he’ll be there for at least three more weeks but it’s ok, he’s gonna have a colonoscopy and then an abdominal surgery… Hopefully no complications and he’ll be out and about in no time!… So far he’s responding to medications extremely good!.

Long story though… he has diverticulitis… and two years ago a terrible malpractice of a Gastroenterologist lead my Dad to a severe malnutrition, a lack of certain proteins thad cause him the terrible Fournier’s Gangrene (generated by the malnutrition and the presence of a “normal” bacteria in our bodies but not where is supposed to be normally, this bacteria is E.Coli… please don’t even google Fournier’s Gangrene as image… is horrible…) the curious thing was that… this Fournier’s Gangrene normally develops from the testicular area up to the stomach… but with my dad was the other way around… it started in his stomach going down the way… ANYWAYS… he responded well to the treatment… and although he was still with medical care on a daily basis he could go to work and do stuff as normally after being in bed for about two months… then in the hospital for about 30 days and another month or so at home again… (that was two years ago…) but now… this is still and issue not because of the E.Coli… or stress or the same stupid doctor that didn’t even give him a true treatment… but because now the problem (because of the diverticulosis) is a fistula… so far it’s showing that maybe what caused the Fournier’s Gangrene two years ago was actually the fistula itself… they are trying to check if the fistula wasn’t in fact a result of the malpractice the first doctor did to my dad during a Colonoscopy before everything went downhill!.

So… lets just hope that everything will be ok… so far so good… they are doing ANOTHER colonoscopy ( a good one now) to my dad tomorrow… to see how much of his intestine will have to be sewed or removed… so that he would definitely get well now; but at least he will have to stay at the hospital for another 2 or 3 more weeks…

And now I hear you say… 


I know … I know… but the Baby is still in my womb!! haha!! yesterday we went to our weekly appointment and dear God… we ended up so tired!… apparently now I have 2Cm dilated, baby is in position, but not ready yet; like… he’s upside down but not in the hips yet… and my Gynecologist said that the baby still needs a week or so…

He recommended only 20-30 min of low profile activity -like walking or something- ,  drinking loads of water -as I normally do- , and be overall careful… he really wants this baby to be one more week in the womb… and I don’t mind actually… as for yesterday we had 39.3 weeks I’m still not in the 40th week so… it’s ok; although I feel a little anxious… I want to hold him in my arms soooooooooo bad!!!! but he needs a little more time… and it’s ok…

Wow, I really needed to free m mind with all this, and posting it in here is sooo great!… haha… well…

see ya!!



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