Just a couple of weeks more…

And I’m just doing this???, the thing is that planning a wedding, trying to work and the morning sickness didn’t help at all… I had a couple of journal entries exclusively for the baby, that I will share later on the week; but for now I’ll try to get them here on time before Junior arrives.

20140119-121953 p.m..jpg
baby’s first sonogram, 7 weeks

We were so excited to finally see this beautiful surprise… Yes… Having a baby wasn’t on our “soon to do” list, but we did want to after we got married… A thing we were planning to do by the end of 2014…. BUT the exact day after our first anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend we found out… We’re pregnant!!! So yeah… What happened afterwards I posted it on my last entry xD.

20140119-034426 p.m..jpg
This was on August 26, 2013… Already showing a little baby bump!!!