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So this is the face of a couple who just got the news!!! Expecting a baby!!! Haha totally freaked out!
We’ll this was last June… To be precise… June 24th 2013.
I had a lot of work during that time and though all the blue-mood I had was because of the stress… Turned out to be a positive pregnancy test haha!
I freaked out!, being totally drown with work I just thought everything was bedside of the sleep deprived, almost not eating, stress surrounded weeks I had… Beside that my hubby and I were taken care of that area if you know what I mean lol .
Funnily enough… My hubby was so calmed and not freaked out at all that I was like:
wth!! Didn’t you heard? We’re pregnant!!?
To what he calmly said to me:
yes I heard… Is ok, I was already thinking we might be pregnant…
Obviously I said so?, why are you so calmed???
He said: sweetheart you’re freaking out 😮
I was all: join me, won’t you!?
Then… He did the one thing I need it the most… Looked me in the eye, smile and hugged me so hard, so strong, so great, that my body stopped shaking and I started to cry…
Then he told me:
it’s ok, everything will be ok, will be great!, we are gonna be parents!
And give me a huge smile… As we entered the car…

I swear I don’t know what I would do without this man!..

20140118-031858 a.m..jpg

This is what I looked like the day after we find out we were expecting!!!

I have so much to post… But right now need to sleep…